About Pufies diapers

Pufies’ experts know very well that the world already seems different with the appearance of the baby! The baby's first smile, first word, touch of small fingers and sight, and bursting with curiosity. We know how happy you are at the moment and this happiness will increase each day. Maybe the sweetest thing in this world is the fact that no one can outgrow the need to be loved: now, you can share with Pufies the care for the smooth growing up of your baby. Because Pufies are diapers made from high-quality materials in order to meet and even exceed the requirements of caring mothers!

Values and vision

When creating products intended for babies, Pufies believes in, stands for, and follows 4 core values.

  • The Confidence

    For Pufies trust is the most important step towards loyalty and love for the brand. Since its inception Pufies tries to approximate strong> with a mother and her confidence to become not just another product needed for growing a baby, and the helper and friend.

  • The Care

    There are many ways to raise a baby. And each one is right and individual. As a part of the care to raise a baby, each mother faces the difficult choice of meal plan, walks, and products. Each one of them brings equal importance and responsibility. Pufies believes in this and, namely for this reason, we consider each product with care and diligence for each detail and stage of its creation.

  • The Consistency

    Starting since its establishing, Pufies clearly stands out as an alternative to the famous brands. Our approach includes ambitions for development and improvement and we continue to work in this direction while keeping constant high quality and a constant focus on new products and innovations.

  • The Passion

    Even considered as a cliché, passion determines the level of success and ability to convince the people of our ideas. Passion is not only a feeling. It is also a wind in the sails, base, and harbour. It is all about this in order to help us when attracting and believing in...our users and ourselves.

Quality and innovations

Pufies is an innovative brand for baby diapers that uses state-of-the-art technologies and high level knowledge. Thus, the quality of products is able to compete with the quality of the main international producers.

For the purposes of control on current products and the development of new ones, Pufies uses the following methods for rigorous and final quality assurance:

  • Internal laboratory testing. Carried out with the newest equipment and by skilled specialists. Permanent training courses and keeping up to date with the news in the category enable Pufies to not be inferior in its product features versus the international market players.

  • External independent laboratory testing. As a second level of control, this is a useful and relevant method to identify our position against our competitors.

  • User testing. This is the last, but most important, level for the evaluation of each product and its position on the market. Out of machines and laboratories, the relation with people is an integral part of our way of working. This way, we obtain prompt feedback from our final users.

Consistent high quality is considered a priority for Pufies. For Pufies, consistent high quality does not mean a lack of changes in the product and its current relevance for each new mother. A team of professionals is devoted to continuously searching for new ways to facilitate everyday life. 

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