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5 last-minute Halloween costume ideas for toddlers

It’s almost the end of October and you still haven’t figured out what your child is going to wear? Oops-a-daisy! Fear not, though, we’ve got you covered. We’ve prepared 5 extra easy to prepare DIY costumes: and you probably have the materials at your home, too!

1) Mummy

Just because a costume is last minute doesn’t mean you need to wrap yourself in toilet paper and call it a mummy. Cut up an old white sheet. Then let those strips discolor in a sink full of tea bags for that “I’ve-been-sitting-around-for-thousands-of-years” look.

2) A toddler in a bag

When it comes to exclusive one-of-a-kind handbags, this is the ultimate. Show off your best accessory with this DIY, it’s easy! Just cut out two holes on the bottom and a bigger one on the top – or if it’s a tote, just use the handles as straps. Make sure your toddler’s dressed in a similar color!

3) Tomato

this costume starts with just a bright red oversized t-shirt, red leggings and a red hat. Easy! For the green part, use some green paper, fold it like a hand fan and stick it to the edges of the t-shirt’s opening for the head.

4) Scarecrow

Armed with a pair of overall and a plaid shirt, you’ll be using your brain if you settle on this one. Put straws in the overall’s pockets for authenticity!

5) Hipster

Let your little one borrow your favorite beanie for just one night and have them pick out their own (temporary) tattoos. But don’t be surprised when they think they’re just too cool to hold the candy bucket.


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