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Supporting you
to be
the best mum ever

Hello, we are the creators of Pufies and we have a special mission:

To support and encourage every mom to trust the mother instinct, because only she knows what's best for her own child. Trust in your intuition and the decisions you make for you baby, because YOU are the best mom your precious one could ever have!

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Trust Your Choices
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Striving to be
innovative and
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Since 2009, Pufies diapers have been exceptional in providing babies with supremely gentle care, combined with an extra bit of fun and diversity between diaper changes. In helping and supporting you along the way, we always listen to your needs.

We commit to constantly innovating & developing our brand, so we can keep offering you high performing diapers, infused with sweetness that makes parents smile.

moms happy
in 16 countries

We love it when we put a smile on your face. Mums in over 16 countries are counting on Pufies for keeping their babies happy, dry and comfortable, and for finding inspiration to be creative and spend quality time with them. We understand your needs, so we have developed a product that you can trust from day 1.

Welcome to the colourful and sunny world of Pufies!

Your Pufies Team