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All raw materials implemented in Pufies diapers are provided by leading international suppliers, after a strict selection process.
Before incorporation of the raw materials in the production process, strict quality control is conducted. It consists of tests and measurements to check the quality of the materials according to proven methods of control and analysis.
It is performed during the production process. For the purposes of the control procedure, a diaper is taken directly from the production line for testing. A visual check is carried out, involving monitoring of key parameters. Tests of the diapers’ physical properties and quality are conducted.
A certain number of produced diapers is separated from each finished batch to control the quality of the sample diapers. Laboratory tests are performed using established methods that monitor a set of indicators of the properties of the finished product. Only those batches that have successfully gone through the quality control are allowed on the market.
In Pufies modern laboratories regular tests are conducted on finished products, to ensure the constant quality and safety of the diapers. Tests are performed also for the development of new products and improvement of the quality of current ones.
To ensure the consistent quality of Pufies diapers, independent tests are performed in international proven external laboratories, such as SGS, Dermatest GmbH, ATC GmbH.
Independent product tests among real consumers assure us that Pufies diapers make both babies and parents happy. Tests are carried out by independent external agencies among a representative sample of real diapers consumers.
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